The GREENCAP ex-ante environmental and socio-economic impact assessment is out!

GREENCAP accomplished another important step in the project’s progress with the completion of the preliminary assessment of its environmental and socio-economic impact. The GREENCAP project is dedicated to the development of critical raw materials (CRMs)-free supercapacitors and has already made important contributions in this direction.

Graphene and MXene-based electrode materials have been successfully produced from CRM-free precursors and using environmentally friendly approaches, eliminating the use of toxic/hazardous chemicals. Moreover, innovations in the synthesis of ionic liquids have enabled the formulation of novel thermally/chemically stable and non-flammable-based electrolytes. These achievements underscore the consortium’s dedicated efforts in identifying viable alternatives to CRMs.

Read all about the environmental and socio-economic assessment, particularly highlighting the engagement with CRM-free methodologies in the advancement of GREENCAP’s supercapacitors, in this report.

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