GREENCAP project

Development of Sustainable Supercapacitors



The EU project GREENCAP will realize a novel type of sustainable and high-energy density supercapacitors, which exploit layered 2D materials, including graphene and MXenes as electrode materials, and ionic liquids as high-voltage electrolyte.


Design, production, and upscaling of novel CRM-free and sustainable 2D electrode materials for supercapacitors.

Formulation of novel CRM-free electrolytes based on ionic liquids (ILs) and mixtures of ILs and organic solvents for supercapacitors.

Fabrication and characterization of sustainable 2D material- and IL-based supercapacitors beyond state-of-the-art electrochemical double-layer capacitors and with battery-like characteristics.

Creation of innovative SoX monitoring tools (SoX denotes the state of health -SoH-, state of charge -SoC, state of energy -SoE-, state of power -SoP-, and state of safety -SoS-) and management system for layered two-dimensional (2D) materials and ionic liquids-based supercapacitors.

Identification of new high-end applications based on comprehensive impact assessment of social, environmental, and economic sustainability.


GREENCAP will design, develop, and prototype in industrial lines high-performance and sustainable layered two-dimensional (2D) materials and ionic liquids-based cylindrical supercapacitors with their own management system that 1) exhibit a battery-like energy density (i.e., >20 Wh/kg, >16 Wh/L), 2) retain the distinctive superior power densities (>1000 W/kg, >500 W/L) and high cycle life (>1000000 charge/discharge cycles) of traditional SCs, i.e., electrochemical double layer capacitors, 3) eliminate the use of CRMs, aiming at reaching TRL 6.



GREENCAP will realize a novel type of sustainable and high-energy density supercapacitors, establishing an entire device manufacturing chain, which considers:

  • scalability and sustainability of novel CRM-free 2D electrode materials and ionic liquid-based electrolytes, produced at industrial scale through eco-friendly processes by means of CRM-free materials, while guaranteeing reproducible characteristics.
  • synergic coupling between layered 2D materials and IL-based electrolytes, whose interaction results in electrochemical charge storage mechanisms leading to high electrode performances in terms of capacitance/capacity and CD cycling stability.
  • scalability and sustainability of electrode fabrication and SC assembly, which must be therefore feasible in industrial SC manufacturing lines.


The GREENCAP workplan is divided into 4 research-related work packages (WPs), one WP for impact assessment and benchmarking and 2 management and dissemination-related WPs.


The results of the GREENCAP project are documented in reports. As soon as the reports are available they will be published here.

Facts and figures

Start date: 01 January 2023
Duration: 36 months
Funding by the EC: 5.4 M€
GA number: 101091572


GREENCAP is conducting research in the field of 2D materials and ionic liquid-based electrolytes development and will disseminate scientific results to peers in the field by means of scientific publications. All relevant publications will be posted on this page.

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