First Milestone achieved!

June 2023

Based on the critical raw material (CRM) lists of the European Union (EU) in 2023, we have identified two CRM-free MXene, namely Ti-based (i.e., Ti3C2) and Mo-based (i.e., MoC2) as potential candidates for active materials in supercapacitor (SC) electrodes!

Importantly, Ti-based MXenes are produced from Ti-forms that are not classified as CRMs, as now specified by EU. In addition, we continue investigating the development of other Mxenes, e.g., Mn2C, Nb2C and V2C, etc., which could have high performances as active electrode materials in SCs. At present, these compounds are included in the CRM list; nonetheless, the list undergoes triennial updates, which means that certain compounds may be excluded from it in the future.

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