GREENCAP General Assembly and First Advisory Board Meeting

Progress and Insights on Sustainable Supercapacitors Development

On June 24, 2024, the fourth General Assembly (GA) meeting of the GREENCAP project took place in Madrid, Spain, with some participants joining online. This meeting was essential as it marked the midway point of the project, allowing us to assess our progress, address upcoming challenges, and find corresponding solutions.

The General Assembly meeting showcased the significant progress achieved by the GREENCAP consortium in the field of sustainable energy storage. We discussed various aspects of sustainable supercapacitor production, from material selection and characterization to prototype testing and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). The insights and strategies developed during this meeting will help the consortium advance towards innovative, sustainable, and scalable synthesis methods for CRM-free materials, ultimately enabling their industrial use in supercapacitor applications.

Following the GA meeting, the Advisory Board (AB) convened to provide expert feedback and guidance. The AB consisted of specialists from various fields with the overall goal of ensuring the highest quality of the final results and their successful utilization during and after the project. The first meeting was attended by Prof. Yury Gogotsi (Drexel University), Dr. Adelina Braun and Dr. Adam Raw (Merck) and Dr. Luigi Lanuzza (EnelX). The expertise and recommendations from the AB were invaluable as we navigate the complex landscape of sustainable supercapacitor development and their constructive feedback provided fresh perspectives to refine our strategies. Their input is of great significance in steering the project towards successful completion and ensuring that we meet our targets!

The GREENCAP consortium is dedicated to pioneering advancements in sustainable energy storage and setting new industry benchmarks. As we move forward, the collaboration of the partners and guidance of the AB will be vital in overcoming challenges and achieving our objectives.

Stay tuned for more updates as we forge ahead with our mission to revolutionize energy storage with sustainable supercapacitors!

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