Kick-Off Meeting GREENCAP in Genova

In January, the consortium for the GREENCAP project had an exciting and productive face-to-face Kick-Off meeting in the stunning city of Genova. The two-day meeting was jam-packed with insightful discussions and engaging presentations as partners from across the globe came together to kick-start this innovative project.

The consortium started the meeting by discussing the project’s setup and established a plan for exchanging different materials for characterization. As the meeting progressed, partners had the opportunity to meet each other face-to-face and present themselves to the group. Each partner described the activities they would be involved in for the project, and their passion and enthusiasm for the project were evident.

In addition to partner presentations, all 7 work package leaders presented the respective aims and objectives, giving attendees a closer look at the activities planned for the next six months. The meeting was fruitful and insightful, and it set a strong foundation for future collaborations.

The consortium members left the meeting excited and motivated to work together to develop the next-gen sustainable supercapacitors. With such a passionate group of individuals working on this project, there is no doubt that GREENCAP will make a significant contribution to sustainable energy solutions. The Kick-Off meeting in Genova was just the start of something truly special!

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