Milestone achieved!

We are excited to announce that GREENCAP achieved another important project milestone with the completion of The Mid-term Benchmarking Report!

Based on a screening of commercially available SC technologies (i.e., electrochemical double layer capacitors, EDLCs), the device performance benchmarks, including capacitance/capacity, working voltage, lifetime, cycle life, working temperature and cost have been set. The project also establishes the scope and boundaries for future analysis, focusing on cost targets, market barriers, technical domains, and socio-economic aspects. GREENCAP project targets gravimetric energy density above 20 Wh/kg and volumetric energy density of 16 Wh/L for industrial cylindrical cell format of D60139, which is the most prevalent form factor across different EDLC suppliers (approximate size of 60mm x 139mm with a small variation mainly in the overall length, while the diameter is the same). Currently available EDLC cells have KPIs of 8.4 Wh/kg and 10.9 Wh/L, which are significantly lower than the targets for the new generation product.

To achieve GREENCAP targets, layered 2D materials and ionic liquid(IL) are used as electrode materials and electrolytes, respectively. Importantly, the GREENCAP approach will ensure compliance with industrial standard lifetime of 1M CD cycles and floating test stability at high voltage operation (according to the industrial standard IEC62391).

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