Second Milestone achieved!

December 2023

GREENCAP project developed several critical raw materials (CRM)-free two-dimensional (2D) electrode materials for supercapacitors (SCs), screening either graphene or its derivatives, as well as MXenes produced from new MAX phases.

Based on the technical specifications determined for these materials, 15 CRM-free 2D EMs have been selected for their further functionalization/hybridization, as needed to accomplish the ambitious key performance indicators (KPIs) targeted by the project for SCs

The following CRM-free 2D EMs were selected:

  • pristine single-/few-layer graphene (SLG/FLG): tunable C/O atomic ratio > 25, lateral size on the order of 1 µm, specific surface areas (SSA) > 100 m2/g (except for electrochemically exfoliated SLG/FLG), thin-film electrical conductivities >104 S/m;
  • Curved graphene: SSA >1600 m2/g, ash content <0.3 wt%, powder conductivity > 103 S/m at a compression force ≥5 MPa;
  • MXenes: lateral size on the order of 1 µm; thickness < 5 layers, conductivity > 103 S/cm.

With the successful achievement of the second project milestone, we are delighted to announce a pivotal advancement in our project. The selected CRM-free 2D EMs will now play a central role in steering the course forward!

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