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Organisation Introduction

Skeleton Materials is Skeleton Technologies’ material development arm, situated at the Bitterfeld-Wolfen Chemical Park in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, led by world-class material scientists and researchers. Skeleton Materials is the global leader in synthesizing capacity, and scaling up Curved Graphene material production to meet the demand for Skeleton’s energy storage solutions.

Curved Graphene is the inorganic pre-cursor material used in Skeleton’s supercapacitors, which are produced without any rare earth materials and the synthesis by-products are re-usable. Curved Graphene provides a major technology advantage for Skeleton’s supercapacitors by significantly increasing power and energy density.

Curved Graphene technology has been recognized as breakthrough technology in the energy storage sector with Skeleton’s scientists – Jaan Leis, Mati Arulepp and Anti Perkson – winning the European Inventor Award 2022 for their work on developing and optimizing the properties of our Curved Graphene material.

Why this project?

The GREENCAP project provides an opportunity to further investigate the applicability of Skeleton Materials’ Curved Graphene technology to a host of other active materials. This could further extend the field of applications of Curved Graphene to additional electrode formulations with increased energy densities, leading to improved understanding of the compatibility of Curved Graphene with other promising classes of materials, as well as potential diversification of Skeleton Materials’ product portfolio and hence a higher market share.

Furthermore, GREENCAP will help us to explore the use of SiC precursors for Curved Graphene synthesis which compared to alternative precursors (e.g., molybdenum, aluminium-boron and titanium carbides) are less expensive and more abundant. In particular, SiC is a material widely available on the European market and independent of non-European resources, making Curved Graphene production based on a European supply chain.

What in this project?

In the GREENCAP project, Skeleton Materials will explore the potential use cases of the Curved Graphene material beyond pure electric double layer capacitors. We will analyze the applicability of Curved Graphene to host other active materials, as well as work on further engineering of Curved Graphene production by using SiC as precursor. Additionally, we will support project partners with our industrial know-how on supercapacitor materials and electrode production.

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The GREENCAP-project helps us to improve the understanding of the compatibility of our proprietary Curved Graphene with other promising classes of materials to diversify our product portfolio and help more companies to reduce CO2 emissions and save energy.

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