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Organisation Introduction

Y-Carbon (Carbon-Ukraine) is Ukrainian innovative SME with more than 15 years of experience in technology development, equipment design and manufacturing, upscaling experimental technologies from laboratory to pilot and industrial level. Our team includes experts in materials science and materials engineering in the field of nanotechnology, providing synthesis of nanostructured materials. Currently company focuses on development new and improvement existed MAX-phases and MXenes, synthesis and modification of these nanomaterials intended for innovative solutions of structural applications, energy storage, energy conversion, smart textiles, sensors and biomedical applications. Carbon-Ukraine actively cooperates with R&D and academy, and being one of the world leaders on MXene production, supplies 2D MXenes and other nanomaterials to more than 300 research groups.

Why this project?

Our company is delighted to be a part of GREENCAP project, aimed at the development of advanced supercapacitors energy storage devices based on 2D nanomaterials, with the goal to eliminate or reduce critical raw materials in such devices. Carbon-Ukraine is interested in development new improved MXene materials, commercialization and upscaling of MXene manufacturing technology processes and equipment from laboratory level to future pilot lines of mass production for energy storage on European market,  and development of new MXene-based products for different applications, especially energy sector as these novel 2D materials demonstrated tremendous potential in energy storage applications owing to their layered structure, superior hydrophilicity, metallic nature, high charge carrier mobility, and rich variable surface chemistry.

What in the project?

Carbon-Ukraine team will bring to GREENCAP project their best practices and approaches in synthesis of 2D nanomaterials with the specific properties intended for energy storage applications and process scaling up. The main aim is to support the development of high-quality MXene-based composites and expand their potential uses in energy storage. Within the project company is mainly focused on development and synthesis of novel CRM-free MAX-phases and MXenes, improvement their properties by different synthesis approaches and upscaling MXene laboratory synthesis technology intended for industrial manufacturing of advanced MXene-based electrode materials with enhanced properties for European market.

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The GREENCAP project aims to develop and apply green technologies in the production of advanced nanomaterials for use in innovative energy storage devices. It is a unique opportunity for synergistic collaboration between leading research groups from academia and industry to develop and implement state-of-the-art solutions in the energy sector for the European market.

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