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Friedrich-Schiller University Jena

Organisation Introduction

FSU is one the oldest German Universities (founded on 1558) with 20.000 students and a long tradition in applied science. The Institute Institute for Technical Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry (ITUC) of FSU has a strong know-how in electrochemistry and materials science. The working group of Prof. Balducci has a long experience on the development and characterization of innovative electrolytes for electrochemical energy storage devices.

Why this project?

GREENCAP will give to FSU the possibility to work together with several excellent research groups and companies working on the development of innovative materials suitable for energy storage devices. The possibility to use these materials with the novel electrolyte developed at FSU represent a unique possibility for the realization of advanced supercapacitors.

What in this project?

FSU will be involved on the development and characterization of innovative ionic liquids-based electrolytes suitable for the realization of high energy supercapacitors.

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“The GREENCAP-project helps us to further develop our expertise on electrolyte, and consolidate our collaboration with key players in the field of supercapacitors”

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Project progress


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