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Organisation Introduction

Since its start in 1994, Uniresearch, an SME located in Delft, the Netherlands, has become a successful and independent grants & innovation consultancy firm specialised in national and European grants in the field of innovation, research, and technological development. UNR has a team of highly skilled consultants and project managers, bringing together a mix of technical, scientific, and business administration backgrounds. Based on the experience gained in over 150 collaborative projects, UNR has developed many project management & dissemination procedures, structures, and tools.

Why this project?

With 25+ years of relevant work experience in the field working on similar EU projects, the GREENCAP project perfectly fits our portfolio, and we are glad to continue supporting the advances in the field of energy storage. UNR joins the coordination team in GREENCAP to aid in making the project a success and achieving the ambitious objectives and strengthening the network in the energy storage industry. In addition, the project vision fits perfectly our main mission ‘Key to Innovation’ focusing on technological innovations and aiding sustainability.

What in this project?

UNR supports the coordinator BED in the day-to-day management of the project. Next to the management and coordination activities, UNR is leading the tasks on dissemination, communication, and exploitation of the GREENCAP project. We ensure high-quality communication between all partners and the timely sharing of project-related results and information to all interested parties.

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We are excited to contribute to the energy transition by supporting a wide consortium of European partners in the production of high-performance and sustainable supercapacitors.

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