GREENCAP publication by TUD

We are delighted to announce the publication of TUD’s article within the framework of the GREENCAP project, titled: : “Multifunctional Molecule-Grafted V2C MXene as High-Kinetics Potassium-Ion-Intercalation Anodes for Dual-Ion Energy Storage Devices”, published in Advanced Energy Materials!

The article introduces a novel approach to address the challenge of finding suitable anodes for dual-ion energy storage devices, particularly in systems utilizing potassium-based electrolytes. Through surface grafting with multifunctional azobenzene sulfonic acid, V2C MXene is transformed into a high-kinetics K+-intercalation anode (ASA-V2C). The grafted azobenzene sulfonic acid not only provides additional K+-storage centers and fast K+-hopping sites but also acts as a buffer between V2C layers, mitigating structural distortion during K+ intercalation/de-intercalation. These enhancements result in significantly improved specific capacity, rate capability, and cycling stability of the V2C electrode. When paired with an anion-intercalation graphite cathode, the ASA-V2C anode demonstrates promising performance in dual-ion energy storage devices, achieving a maximum energy density of 175 Wh kg−1 and a power density comparable to supercapacitors (6.5 kW kg-1), outperforming previously reported devices using Li+, Na+, and K+ ions.

Congratulations to TUD for this remarkable achievement, driving us closer to sustainable energy storage solutions!

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