Third General Assembly meeting GREENCAP in Strasbourg

January 2024

On January 23-24, 2024, the GREENCAP Consortium convened in Strasbourg for the third General Assembly (GA) meeting,  hosted by one of our partners – UNISTRA. Our collective focus during this gathering was to advance our mission of developing efficient, CRM-free, and sustainable supercapacitors.

We had productive discussions on key milestones, deliverables, and our next steps. Over these two days, participants presented updates on their work and shared recent results and future plans. This transparent sharing of progress allowed for valuable alignment and synergy between project contributors. By working together, we strengthened our commitment to the success of the GREENCAP project. Furthermore, participants had the privilege of exploring UNISTRA’s scientific facilities through informative tours, enriching our understanding of the groundbreaking work being carried out here.

As we leave Strasbourg, we are more focused and motivated to face the challenges ahead. The General Assembly meetings facilitated discussions on project advancement and fostered an environment of shared learning and collaboration. With our team of competent and experienced scientists and specialists, we are confident that we are on the right track to revolutionize supercapacitor technology for a more sustainable future. Together, we are poised to make a significant impact, driving innovation and sustainability in the realm of energy storage.

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