Get to know Tobias Burton from Solvionic

“Hi, my name is Tobias Burton and I am a research project manager at Solvionic in Toulouse working on electrochemical devices such as supercapacitors and batteries. In the GREENCAP project, my role is to design and produce ionic liquid-based electrolytes for supercapacitors for the different electrode materials produced by the GREENCAP partners.”

What was your original motivation to become a researcher?
“Solving technical problems and a love for science and engineering! I was very lucky to have some great teachers whose enthusiasm for organic chemistry and electrochemistry lead me to continue my studies and take on research. It is really rewarding when you find a solution to a problem that previously blocked the way forwards!”

What is your (main) research area today?
“Today, my main research area is the development of electrolytes for energy storage devices. Among others aspects, this involves studying the mechanisms governing charge and discharge, degradation of the electrolyte, the effect of the temperature/c-rates or the interaction of the electrolyte with other cell components such as the electrode, the separator or the casing. Understanding and controlling these factors leads to electrochemical devices with much better properties!”

What is the main objective of your team in GREENCAP?
“Our main objective is to refine electrolyte formulations and to supply other partners with electrolytes for the different electrode materials. The target electrolytes are non-flammable, more sustainable, display improved properties and can be recycled. In addition to the previous, the production, formulation and transportation of these electrolytes must be possible at larger scales.”

What expertise and facilities does your team have to meet those objectives?
“Solvionic has been at the forefront of ionic liquid expertise for 20 years. Our team is composed of organic chemists, process engineers, analytical chemists and researchers that can approach problems from different angles to find the best solution! Solvionic is equipped with a pilot line for ionic liquid production at the ton/month scale, a fully equipped analytical lab for ensuring the quality of our products and research labs which can synthesize new molecules and test their electrochemical performances in devices.”

Which aspects of your research at GREENCAP do you believe are the most innovative and what unique opportunities offer GREENCAP to yourself and/or your organisation?
“Graphene,  MXenes and ionic liquids are three promising technologies for a broad range of applications. Not only is GREENCAP bringing these technologies together but aims to take devices out of the lab and into the real world in a sustainable manner! Through GREENCAP, Solvionic can develop strong alliances with companies in Europe, develop realistic solutions for the next generation of supercapacitors and deepen its understanding in our ionic liquids. As a scientist, the opportunity to collaborate with world leading scientists from all over Europe in a project such as GREENCAP is a rare opportunity to develop skills and learn to work with people from a great diversity of backgrounds.”

How do you see the future use of the GREENCAP results and the impact of GREENCAP project in our daily lives?
“Technologies deriving from GREENCAP can accelerate the transition towards electric-based  transportation as well the internet of things. Not only will GREENCAP type devices offer better performance but can overcome some critical safety and sustainable issues that are weighing on this sector. The wide adoption of electric transportation systems and the internet of things can build a healthier and brighter future.”

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