Expected and Achieved Results

On this page you can find the project’s expected and achieved results (deliverables).

Electrode materials and electrolytes

Expected / Achieved Results:

  1. Quality control for CRM-free SC materials
  2. Novel CRM-free EMs and IL-based electrolytes for SCs
  3. Multiscale characterization of EMs and electrolytes
  4. Updated quality control for CRM-free SC materials

Harnessing the electrochemical performance through interface engineering

Expected / Achieved Results:

  1. Functionalization of SC materials
  2. Hybrids and functionalized EMs characterization
  3. Electrochemical characterization of electrode/electrolyte interfaces

Slurry formulations, electrode fabrication and pouch cell prototyping

Expected / Archieved Results:

  1. Slurry formulations for high-energy SCs
  2. Electrodes for high-energy density SCs
  3. Pouch cells

Upscaling and prototyping

Expected / Achieved Results:

  1. Upscaling processes and standardization
  2. Industrial chain manufacturing
  3. Cylindrical prototype cells
  4. Preliminary Supercapacitor Management System
  5. Updated Upscaling processes and standardization
  6. Updated Industrial chain manufacturing
  7. Updated Cylindrical prototype cells
  8. Supercapacitor Management System

Benchmarking & Impact Assessment

Expected / Achieved Results:

  1. Ex-ante environmental and socioeconomic impact assessment
  2. Ex-post environmental and socioeconomic impact assessment
  3. Final benchmarking report

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