GREENCAP partner Skeleton won the European Inventor Award 2022!

August 2023

Skeleton scientists Jaan Leis, Mati Arulepp, and Anti Perkson won the European Inventor Award 2022 from the European Patent Office (EPO) in the Industry category for their work on developing and optimizing the properties of our patented curved graphene material to obtain unprecedented power and energy density in supercapacitors.

This optimized curved graphene material can be used as an electrode to deliver quick-charging, longer-lasting, and more powerful supercapacitors for the industry.

You can read more about it on the European Patent Office (EPO) website

The team was honoured at the European Inventor Award 2022 ceremony in Munich. The award is one of Europe’s most prestigious innovation prizes and is presented annually to outstanding inventors from Europe and beyond who have made an exceptional contribution to society, technological progress, and economic growth.

“Technological innovations are signaling a way forward in the global transition to a greener economy. I am delighted to recognize today the achievements of Jaan Leis, Mati Arulepp, and Anti Perkson whose inventions are helping industries reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and take a crucial step forward in the fight against climate change,” said Antonio Campinos, president of the European Patent Office.

Big congrats to our colleagues from Skeleton and Skeleton Materials! The team together with the entire GREENCAP consortium are excited to further advance this innovative material in the GREENCAP project!

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